It is all about Garage Door Springs

It is all about Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs are the important things on the garage door because when the springs are broken, it is going to make the garage door to be broken too. Actually, there are two springs on the garage door, first is torsion spring and then the second one is extension spring. If you think that both of them are the same, you are totally fault! Even though they are springs, they are totally different guys. Torsion spring is attached above the garage door, and the extension spring is placed above on the top of track.

The only thing that you have to know is you have to treat them well. Avoiding the problem is much better instead of repairing the garage door. That is why you have to require a maintenance regularly every month, or even every week. Check the springs whether it is torsion or extension every day. As you already known that spring is susceptible to be broken. Why? Because it is under pressure. Garage door springs should be treated them well, and you have to pay attention for them especially on the winter. Sometimes, when the winter comes, the springs are frozen so that you have to treat them well.

Furthermore, you also have to know how old the springs in your garage door are. In this case, the age is not related with the birthday, but it is all related with your spring ability. When you see that the springs are too old, you should need to inspect the springs. Here is something you must know, if you hear a squeak on the springs, it does not mean a big trouble. If you doubt about the performance, you can ask some helps to an experienced contractor to check this springs. Garage door springs are important, so do not forget to check it guys!

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